At WAVOS, we believe that being a responsible and sustainable company means doing our part to protect the environment we all share. As lovers of the outdoors and water and snow sports, we’re deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty of our world for future generations.

Every act counts

We’re actively involved in supporting local initiatives that help protect the environment. In Denmark, where we are based, we have a deep connection to our coastline and its amazing beaches and waves. That’s why we’re proud to support beach cleanups and other initiatives that help keep our beaches and waters healthy and clean.

We’re also dedicated to reducing our impact in our daily operations. We recycle as much as possible and take care to properly sort any waste we do generate to minimize its impact on the environment.

At WAVOS, we understand that with the privilege of using nature as our playground comes a responsibility to take care of it. That’s why we’re dedicated to doing our part to create a more sustainable future, and to provide our customers with the gear and support they need to enjoy the great outdoors in a responsible and sustainable way.

Brand Hub for premium water, snow, and outdoor sport brands. Distributing to the Nordics and the Baltics


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