Superior engineering, innovation and durability

In both windsurf sail development as well as waterwear and accessories made for Wind-Watersports, NEILPRYDE has built a legacy over the past decades and continues to do so.

Grounded in a passion for Sailing, NEILPRYDE was founded by no one less than a man called Neil Pryde – a passionate Sailor, who founded his business developing yachting Sails.

At the beginning of the 1970s, he decided to shift his business and focus on manufacturing sails for the trendy and upcoming sport of Windsurfing. While at the start he still manufactured sails for other brands, he soon decided to start his own windsurf sails brand, which marked the beginning of NEILPRYDE Windsurfing.

NEILPRYDE lives through the victories of its rider squad, which underline the innovative leadership of the brand, as well as through its international footprint across the hotspots of wind watersports.

Competitions further prove our products’ superior engineering, innovation and durability.

Through this, NEILPRYDE further seals the promise to its customers; athletes as well as the enthusiastic amateur wind watersports practitioner, to deliver products that meet and exceed expectations, and above all, aim to let everyone have the best time on the water.