Evolution was always deemed as something that takes a substantial time to accomplish. The past years have shown that when new ideas pop up, or things change, Cabrinha are able to evolve and adapt extremely quickly. They have created products that not only change our lives but have also allowed us to get out and appreciate what we have ‘Here and Now’.

Cabrinha underwent a large change in 2020. They reset the clock and moved to a new future. Two years later they are evolving and developing new products at a pace thatno one have been able to achieve previously.

The drive and passion to get on the water and use the products that they design and develop is higher than ever before, and it translates not only into the product range, but also into the lifestyle and dynamic of the brand and their Ohana around the world.

Evolution is here. Boundaries have been moved and there is no better time than now to enjoy what Cabrinha has to offer.